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Lockable Vinyl Record Storage

Sale price£2,965.00
Introducing your music-loving dream come to life! Handcrafted from solid walnut, this lockable vinyl record stand is perched atop matte black hi-fi spikes that minimise any disruptive vibrations for pristine sound clarity. With a secure lift-up lid, ideal to house an amplifier or other components - plus enough room below so you can continue building the ultimate collection of tunes—you'll be sure all precious items are stowed away safely behind two formidable solid brass locks!

This bold walnut masterpiece will add undeniable style to whatever room you put it in. Safely store all of your hifi equipment and make sure when people come over, they notice this unmistakable piece of craftsmanship.

Designed & Handmade by KODA in Hull
Lockable Vinyl Record Storage
Lockable Vinyl Record Storage Sale price£2,965.00