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Walnut Desk, walnut office furniture | KODA Studios

Bespoke furniture, designed and handmade in our Yorkshire workshop and studio

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We take the vision of our clients and deliver furniture to a size and specification that suits them

Bespoke Furniture

Walnut Bedroom Furniture with knurled brass handles | KODA Studios

Our ambition is to design and make better products, favouring staying power over fading trends

The Koda Studio

We are KODA

Handmade Modern Furniture

We pride ourselves on creating high-quality handmade bespoke furniture of contemporary and long-lasting design. Drawing inspiration for our custom furniture designs from the artistry of interior design and architecture. Alongside our knowledge of manufacture and design; we create bespoke furniture with form and function, designed as objects of art.

Unlike other furniture brands, we don't follow any trends, we make them. This is what sets us apart. We design and make furniture that favours staying power over fading styles.


Our Yorkshire-based furniture workshop and design studio brings our customer's ideas to life. Delivering bespoke furniture, created for them with their vision in mind - the driving force behind every project.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our in-house design team will make sure your bespoke furniture is made just for you. We will assist with any questions, offer solutions and create CAD drawings that will leave no detail overlooked. Giving you the freedom to tweak our designs or work from your ideas and specifications.

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Material source book

Our workshop uses a variety of hardwoods, textures and finishes to create unique pieces of bespoke furniture. We use locally sourced materials to realise designs that are both beautiful and functional. Our studio workshop is the perfect place to learn more about these natural materials and how we can use them for your own pieces of custom furniture.

All of the timbers we use are from sustainable sources, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). We only use timber from sustainably managed forests, which means that the trees are replanted and managed so that the forest can sustainably continue to provide timber resources.


The inherent natural beauty of Black Walnut timber is one reason it is highly prized and valued by furniture makers. Walnut often has rich chocolate-brown and deep purple accents that are highlighted by golden sapwood. The naturally dark colour and varied grain pattern of black walnut make it a popular choice when making something really impressive and unique. The varied and complex grain pattern gives walnut furniture a complexity that makes every project stand out.

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Oak is a timber species revered in British culture. Associated as the ‘Great Oak’ tree with history, tradition, longevity and durability. It can be applied to almost any interior decor style.

Oak timber has a pale yellow-brown colourway with a medium coarse grain, tending to be straight and uniform. With its durability, strength and aesthetic qualities, it is not surprising to know oak can be applied to any project.

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Ash timber is a native English hardwood and is a real show stopper.

It has a varied grain pattern that can either be straight and uniform, or swirly and wild. The base colour is creamy, with accents of warm toned reddy "olive" browns that give a vivid contrast along the grain.

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Together let’s keep our planet

green and thriving

For every handmade item produced by KODA,
a tree will be planted in an area affected by severe deforestation.

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