Smoky Spiral Filament LED Bulb, Medium

Finally an LED bulb that is as beautiful as its carbon filament counterpart. This smoky LED light bulb has a double curved filament that revolutionises LED bulb aesthetics.

Its curved filament produces a warm and intimate light, comparable to the traditional 40-45W bulbs but with lower energy consumption and longer total life span.
The smoky tinted glass gives a vintage aesthetic, that just like old-fashioned bulbs, you will be able to adjust the luminous intensity to adapt it to different spaces and moments.

Bulb type: LED
Shape: Globe
Fitting: E27
Diameter: 125 mm
Length: 175 mm
Watt: 5W
Energy efficiency class: G
Colour temperature: 2000 K
Lumen: 150 Lm
Dimmable: Yes

to properly dim an LED bulb, a specific dimmer or the latest generation of universal dimmers is required.

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