Koda Studios

Spiral Filament Table Light, Smooth

Sustainable LED lighting, designed to last. The humble filament light bulb is elevated to a design object.

This table light is characterised by the exposed spiral LED filament and smooth, tinted glass finish, featuring a balance between simple elegance and maximum impact. It’s not about designing less of a product. It’s about a streamlined shape and texture that excites.

Handmade and hand-assembled, this table light continues to inspire with its striking aesthetic power and superior light output. The beautifully tinted LED bulb refracts the singular filament contained within, giving a multitude of perspectives from different angles.

KODA believe that beautiful objects and efficient technology belong together. By choosing to feature the spiral LED filament, our lighting designs reduce energy use by up to 90%. Good design can help mitigate climate change.


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Solid ash, oak or walnut lamp base, powder coated steel frame, brass screws, pewter E27 metal light holder and 100% jute twisted electrical cable.
* globe smooth smoked spiral filament bulb included

Designed & Handcrafted by KODA in Hull

W: 300 mm x D: 200 mm x H: 530 mm

– 5W
– 2000 K
– 150 Lumens
– 125mm x 175mm bulb
– Dimmable LED filament
– E27 fitting

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