Cactus Vase


We can never have enough vases, especially with designs is as wonderful and unique as these Cactus. Made from glistening green shaded of glass, they are adorned with branches and faintly ribbed like the body of a cactus and studded with spikes. 

These cactus vases should be a focal point anywhere they are placed, especially with floral stems poking out of the branches.

Cactus 01 - h: 12 x dia: 11 cm
Cactus 02 - h: 14 x dia: 13 cm
Cactus 03 - h: 12 x dia: 7 cm
Cactus 04 - h: 11 x dia: 10 cm
Cactus 05 - h: 17 x dia: 7 cm

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